The Teachers

Marcel van de Vis Heil

Marcel is a teacher of teachers, leading teacher trainings in his hometown Amsterdam and abroad, for over a decade. Marcel is one of the founders of the YogaGarden in Amsterdam and of the online yoga platform The Fat Yogis. He started his practice yoga about 20 years ago, tried different styles and schools until he met Paul Grilley, the founder of Yin yoga, of whom he is a dedicated student and assistant to Paul’s teacher trainings.

His style

Marcel’s yang yoga style is not really fitting into a school or style and can only be described as a functional approach of hatha yoga, with flow. However, his teaching of Yin yoga is directly in line with that of his teachers Suzee and Paul Grilley whom he assists several times a year.

Main focus of his teachings is that every student is unique and therefore needs a unique and individual approach of how to move. Besides asana practice Marcel is specialised in anatomy, (chakra) meditation, chi and meridians.

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Anat Geiger

Anat’s yoga path started in the spring of 1996, and to this day it continues to unfold and expand.

She studied with Teresa Caldas and Donna Holleman, master teachers in physical precision and inner power. In 2009 she met her current teachers, Paul and Suzee Grilley, who turned her life upside down with their discoveries in anatomical variation, their philosophical understanding and spiritual practices.

She co-founded hew own yoga studio in Amsterdam, where she has been teaching since 2014. Her classes – often packed with students, many teachers themselves – are a unique blend of mindfulness, inner work and intense physical practice, yang or yin, always woven together with passion, kindness and humour.

She has been leading teacher trainings for many years, specializing in functional anatomy, yoga philosophy and chakra studies. She believes these teachings can support and nourish us in our heroic struggle to overcome our challenges and live good lives.

Anat travels yearly to the United States to study with her teachers, whom she has been assisting for many years and hopes to keep doing so for a long time still.

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